• About Howard Gerhauser

    Howard Gerhauser, 23 years old, is co-founder of Natural Foods Diet and an expert in social media marketing and search engine optimization.  With over 6 years of experience in internet  marketing, Howard has developed an advanced understanding of the various social media platforms and search engine algorithms.  He is constantly searching for new internet marketing techniques and methods to build and engage audiences.  The successful Natural Foods Diet YouTube channel is a testament to Howie and Dr. G.’s determination.  Find out more about Dr. Richard Gerhauser, fitness expert Rhina Gerhauser, or the Natural Foods Diet Weight Loss Program.

    Training & Special Skills

    His skills include, but are not limited to:

    • Advertisement / media buy strategy, conceptualization,  and optimization for Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising.
    • Viral content generation.
    • Video production, syndication, and search engine optimization for YouTube and Google.
    • Local search engine optimization for physical locations.
    • Organic search engine optimization for websites and blogs.
    • Creation of highly targeted audiences on Twitter, YouTube, & Facebook.
    • Lead generation.
    • WordPress blog development.
    • Website monetization strategy and implementation.

    Past Achievements

    Howard has created a robust portfolio of successful social media and search engine optimization campaigns.  His personal accomplishments include:

    • 2 Facebook fan pages with over 65K fans without spending money on advertisements.
    • Over 260, 000 clicks using Facebook Advertising with an average cost-per-click of $0.09.
    • Number 2 ranking for Natural Foods Diet on YouTube for the search term “Natural Health” in under 2 months.
    • 2,500 subscribers for Natural Foods Diet on YouTube in 3 months.
    • 60,000 uploaded views for Natural Foods Diet on YouTube in 3 months.
    • Over 160,000 shares for Natural Foods Diet on YouTube in 4 months.
    • Acquired over 7,000 followers for NaturalFoodsMD on Twitter in under 2 months.
    • 8,000 T-shirts sold through Facebook Advertising in 9 months totaling over $70,000 in revenue.
    • Top ranking for over 1,000 search terms for Remix Nation Website on Google.

    Howard believes that with the appropriate approach to social media and search engine optimization, companies can develop more meaningful relationships with their audience, ultimately leading to more conversions.  He has a proven record of helping companies increase online exposure, grow businesses, improve customer service, ultimately leading to increased profits.

    Outside of internet marketing, Howard enjoys producing music, spending time with loved ones, hiking, fishing, and working out.