• About Natural Foods Diet

    How Natural Foods Diet Started

    Natural Foods Diet was founded in 2010 by Dr. Richard Gerhauser and his son Howie Gerhauser. After enormous success on their YouTube channel, NaturalFoodsDiet, Dr. G and Howie decided to create a membership website that focused on getting people back to optimal health naturally. The website was launched in February 2012 and continues to grow it’s subscribership on a daily basis.

    Get Healthy Naturally

    Natural Foods Diet is committed to providing natural health information and advice that is unbiased and based on scientific research (and just plain common sense). Dr. G, after over 25 years of medical experience, believes that much of the health information distributed today is deceitful and is revolved around profits, not health. NFD believes that if you arm yourself with the TRUTH you will be able to discern the lies and make educated decisions to better your health.

    The Natural Foods Diet Program

    This program is unique in that it doesn’t focus on one cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box plan for every person. We believe that everyone is an individual, and therefore needs a diet specific to them.

    The NFD program includes:

    • Metabolic typing survey
    • Detoxification program
    • Extensive food list
    • Member’s Only weekly health seminar
    • Personal training videos with fitness expert Rhina
    • Ability to ask questions to Dr. G and Rhina
    • Nutrition seminars
    • Free e-books

    The Natural Foods Diet comes with a 14 Day Risk Free Trial, that way you can determine whether or not the program is right for you.