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    Dr. Richard Gerhauser is the co-founder of NaturalFoodsDiet.org along with his son Howie Gerhauser. They believe that we literally "are what we eat" and that a Natural Foods Diet is the cornerstone for health.

    High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

    Benefits of a High Protein Breakfast

    Today I would like to discuss an important part of the Natural Foods Diet weight loss program that I recommend for my patients that need to lose weight. The typical American breakfast is a scam perpetuated by the industrial food conglomerates.

    So what is the typical American breakfast? If I go to the continental breakfast of the typical low-priced hotel I will find bagels, cereal with a jug of skim or 2% low-fat milk, blueberry muffin, non-fat yogurt, toast, orange or apple juice and maybe a banana or an orange. This is a breakfast that is sure to cause obesity and will lead you onto a path toward chronic diseases and an early grave. Take note that these are all refined foods and all high in refined carbohydrates. Now at the higher priced hotels there might be a tub of over-cooked scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage. There may even be a waffle maker where you try to figure out how to make your own waffle. Now let me tell you, it is the propaganda issued by the food giants that has lead to this being a typical American breakfast.

    How Does A High Protein Diet Speed Up Metabolism?

    Now let me tell you what is wrong with this breakfast, especially if you are overweight or trying to maintain your weight. First it is high carbohydrate, which has low nutritional value and stimulates the excess production of insulin which tells your body to store fat. An hour after eating this crap your insulin levels will drop leaving you feeling fatigued and craving more carbs. If instead, you eat a high protein breakfast you will be stimulating your metabolism and the burning of calories. There won’t be a spike in insulin so that you won’t have the mid-morning low blood sugar slump. A high protein breakfast can raise your metabolism by as much as 30 % for up to twelve hours; this is a factor that can help you lose weight without dieting or needing to reduce the calories you take in.

    Is Orange Juice Healthy?

    I want to take on the American breakfast, one item at a time. Let’s look at orange juice—we all know that is healthy—Right. First off it’s pure sugar—not something we want to have for breakfast. The orange juice the hotel buys is highly processed, pasteurized and may be stored for up to a year. This processing removes all of the flavor. No problem. They add a flavor pack; a pack of chemicals (made by the same companies that make perfume) and it artificially tastes like an orange. We think of oranges coming from Florida or California, but Brazil sells them cheaper (although Brazilian ones do have higher pesticide residues than U.S. oranges).

    What Are The Healthiest Bagels?

    Next; bagels—entirely processed carbohydrates. I try to get all my patients off commercial bakery products. The grain is treated with pesticides and herbicides in the field. It is harvested incorrectly so it will contain natural enzyme inhibitors and other anti-nutrients. It is stored after being sprayed again with chemicals to keep out pests. The starch is then separated from the nutrient part of the grain (they do spray in a synthetic vitamin/mineral blend to compensate). It‘s then milled at high temperature that denatures the proteins to make them more allergenic. Then it is baked with bromine added which can play havoc with our thyroid and metabolism. Products made from grain need to be wholegrain, soaked or sprouted, and even so you should have a limited amount for breakfast if you are overweight.

    Is Dairy Healthy?

    Low-fat dairy such as 2% milk and non-fat yogurt is another of the agribusiness food scams. When you go into a grocery store it’s almost impossible to find full-fat yogurt—but that is what you should be eating if you want to maintain your weight. Low fat dairy, including milk, is a carb-laden junk food. We have been brain-washed by the government and nutrition experts, who have been bought-off by the food industry, in the name of profits. The giant dairy corporations have doubled their profits by convincing us we need low-fat dairy. The natural fats in dairy are a wonder nutrient that we want more of, not less. Components of dairy fat such as CLA have been shown to improve insulin resistance which in turn can dramatically help with weight loss. CLA has many other benefits as well such as improving resistance to infectious diseases and reducing cancer. The fat in dairy is a great source for the fat-soluble vitamins that are sorely missing from processed foods. This includes vitamin A and vitamin K2.

    I probably don’t have to tell you about the problem with the blueberry muffin. Flour gives us the same problems as the bagel. A ton of sugar or other sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup, which is pure concentrated carbohydrates, will create a large insulin spike just like the orange juice you chased it down with. Add in some rancid, genetically modified, highly processed canola or cotton seed oil and you have the perfect poison to destroy your health and send you down the road to obesity.

    How about the fruit? Well–some fresh fruit is okay as long as you  have a quality protein.

    What’s The Healthiest Cereal?

    No let’s take on cereal—probably the biggest scam of all perpetrated by the food companies. I would venture to say this one product has probably lead to the early death and disease of untold millions of people. It’s full of sugar disguised by multiple titles; maltose, dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, molasses, honey, agave extract, cane juice, barley malt and about 30 other names they give it just to confuse us. Now cereal contains the same carb-loaded, toxic grain that is in a bagel. Add to that the extrusion process where the grain paste is subjected to a high-temperature, high-pressure industrial alteration that denatures the proteins making them potentially toxic. Unpublished animal studies have shown that these cereals are more toxic than starvation. To top it off, they might throw in a little canola oil, hydrogenated soy bean oil and soy protein isolate to make sure no one survives this toxic blend. How about whole oats with fresh-raw butter and a dash of raw honey? Just be sure to soak the oats overnight. This speeds the cooking process and naturally reduces the antinutrients contained in all seeds and nuts.

    Now what about that appetizing vat of scrambles eggs? Better than nothing is my answer, but if you can avoid the breakfast bar altogether you’ll be better off. My favorite when traveling is to make a smoothie with a quality organic whey protein powder or raw eggs from pastured-chickens mixed with a full-fat dairy like kefir, yogurt, or raw-whole milk and fruit. The problem with cooking everything is that it puts tremendous stress on the digestive function; especially as we age or develop disease. I have patients that will only consume cooked food. For them I recommend supplementing meals with active digestive enzymes. They may not get all the benefits as if eating raw foods, but it is better than nothing. For the rest of us, a little can go a long way. A simple step can be adding raw dairy or a fermented beverage like kombucha tea to your diet. Raw eggs and raw meats can be added (sushi anyone?). Raw fruit and vegetables are other sources for living enzymes, other heat sensitive nutrients and to diversify our microbiome.

    It has been great talking with you today. I would appreciate any comments or questions you may have. Please subscribe to my naturalfoodsdiet YouTube channel to get more updates on how you can improve your health through natural foods.