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    Dr. Richard Gerhauser is the co-founder of NaturalFoodsDiet.org along with his son Howie Gerhauser. They believe that we literally "are what we eat" and that a Natural Foods Diet is the cornerstone for health.

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    Side Effects of Statin Drugs

    The Truth About Statin Drugs The drug companies are not satisfied with having 50 million patients on statins. They now say it is beneficial to be on statins even if you have normal to low


    Easy Salad Recipes. How To Make A Salad

    Watch "Easy Salad Recipes. How To Make A Salad" on YouTube Ingredients: Organic iceberg lettuce Carrots Radishes Broccoli Onion Balsamic vinegar Dijon mustard Extra virgin olive

    girl - weight loss

    Weight Loss Surgery — Healthy or Not?

    The Truth About Weight Loss Surgery So let’s say a person, like many in our culture, has become morbidly obese because of toxins, stress, nutrient poor diet, lack of rest and emotional problems. Is


    Kefir Recipe – How To Make Kefir

    Ingredients: Raw, organic milk (or pasteurized milk) Watch "Kefir Recipe - How To Make Kefir"on YouTube Nutritional Facts About the Meal: Kefir is highly nutritious and takes the place of


    Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Recipe. How To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

    Ingredients/Steps: Organic free range eggs Watch "Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Recipe. How To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs" on YouTube Fill a pan with water. Place stove on high heat and wait until it


    Radish Recipe – How To Prepare Radishes

    Watch "Radish Recipe - How To Prepare Radishes" on YouTube. Ingredients/Steps: Cut up radishes and place them in a jar. Add spring water; leave a little room at the top of the jar. Add


    The Next Poisonous Drugs To Watch Out For – Liptruzet

    Background of Liptruzet I want to give all my viewers out there a warning about the next FDA approved poison that your doctor is soon going to be handing you free samples of over the next few months.


    How To Make a Blueberry Smoothie (Smoothie Recipe)

    Ingredients: Kefir Blueberries Watch "How To Make a Blueberry Smoothie (Smoothie Recipe)" on YouTube Nutritional Facts About the Meal: Blueberries contain vitamins, minerals, phenolic acids,


    Healthy Recipe – Lentil Soup

    Watch "Healthy Recipe - Lentil Soup" on YouTube Ingredients: Red Lentils Whatever vegetables you please Onions Extra virgin olive oil Bone broth Raw dairy (Kefir, goats milk, yogurt,


    Healthy Recipe – Sardines and Blue Chips

    Ingredients: Blue corn chips Canned sardines with olive oil Watch "Healthy Recipe - Sardines and Blue Chips" on YouTube Nutritional Facts About the Meal: Blue corn chips have 20% more